Musings on Spiritual Matters

by Matthew Morine

Featured in the Gospel Advocate

In this month’s issue of the Gospel Advocate, I am featured with a feature other excellent ministers on the issue of the emergent church movement.  My article is titled “Missional Evangelism.”  A few months ago, Phil Sanders asked me to be involved with this work.  It was a great honor to work with him on this project.  The gospel advocate is the oldest paper within the churches of Christ.  It still holds a large readership throughout America and the world.  I have been writing articles for the advocate for about 6 years now.   Every time I am published in the journal it is a great honor and privilege.  My article deals with some of the need to avoid becoming an attractional church but instead become a missional church that is interacting with the community around it.  Instead of waiting for people to come to the building, Christians need to go to the people.  Also I highlight some of the compromises within the movement such as moral compromise and doctrinal laxness in salvation.  It is a great honor to have a voice in the brotherhood at large.  

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About The Author

Matthew is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada. He has a beautiful wife named Charity and a precious baby named Gabrielle. He has graduated from the Brown Trail School of Preaching, Heritage Christian University with his Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies, Lipscomb University with his Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies and his Master’s of Divinity at Freed-Hardeman University. He is presently working towards his Doctorate of Ministry at Harding Graduate School of Religion. His articles have appeared in the World Evangelist, the Highway to Holiness, The West Virginia Christian, The Christian Echo, The Firm Foundation, Church Growth, and the Gospel Advocate. He enjoys hockey, golf, boxing, and chess. In his spare time he enjoys reading numerous genres of books. Also, he is working on climbing all of the 14ers in Colorado. Matthew is the Pulpit Minister for the Castle Rock church of Christ.


5 Responses to “Featured in the Gospel Advocate”

  1. Matthew says:

    Please check out this month’s issue and I would recommend people to have a subscription to the journal too.

  2. Terry says:

    I would like to read it. Is it available online?

  3. Matt Dabbs says:

    Glad it worked out. Are there other related articles on the Emerging Movement in there as well?

  4. Matthew says:

    Terry, I do not know, but I do not think so. Matt, thank you for your help on this article. Also, there is a special section on the EM in the Advocate this month.

  5. Joe Bagget says:

    I like you Matthew and I like your idea stated here in article the about interacting with the community. However I disagree much with the GA’s stance on the emerging churches both within and outside the churches of Christ. The so called emerging movement is not really a movement like the restoration or reformation but rather a phenomenon within the broader scope of organized western Christian religion. It is probably the most misunderstood and most significant phenomena in both numbers and theology that has transpired in last 50 years within the broader scope of organized Christian religion. There was a major article recently in the Houston Chronicle entitled “Baptists consider what it means to be Baptist”. The content summed up a group of people who were challenging their religious roots. This is occurring in all fellowships, there is Presbyterian emergent, Baptist emergent, Methodist emergent, church of Christ emergent etcetera. In his book “The present future” Reggie McNeal explains that traditional church culture is collapsing because most churches are not really willing to continually restudy their convictions about the scripture based on a fresh unbiased approach to thinking about the Bible. Recently the GA published an article called “Size is not the issue” which attacked the so called emergent or community church movement. This was one of the saddest articles I have read in recent time. It basically said if you have the right theological and doctrinal conclusions everything else will fall into place and it really does not matter if young people grow up and leave the church or churches close down or if churches split, or if a church goes for years without any significant growth. Jay Guin had a great Blog post about it here I am so tired of emergent church and community church bashing. It is hard for me to read the GA now because so much of the focus is still about how we are right and how everyone else is wrong. Thanks Matthew for your positive contribution.

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