Musings on Spiritual Matters

by Matthew Morine

Review of “The Ledge”

| July 29, 2011

It is always interesting how God works.  I was reading this book about climbing Mount Rainier, and dreaming of the day that it would happen.  It is a 14,000 foot mountain, which is not hard for me, but technically, Mt. Rainier is a lot more difficult.  It has snow cover all year round.  But in [...]

HCU and Balance

| July 27, 2011

As most people know, I been to a lot of churches of Chirst schools.  I have even attended Denver Seminary for a Doctorate level class.  So this around the block is true about me.  This has caused problems, as people have written to me (and up) about how liberal I am and also how conservative [...]

Sun Tans and Work

| July 26, 2011

So I tan easily.  Not a burn, or a red tan, but a dark brown, and it can happen fast.  I been tanned for a few months now.  This has caused problems, not modesty problems, but work problems.  It has been humorous to me to see the reaction of people.  People always ask me if I am [...]

Long Journey Ending

| July 25, 2011

This past week, we have been on Vacation.  While on Vacation we received word that we will be traveling to China.  In the next week or so, we are heading to China to finally meet and adopt officially Asher Morine.  It has been a long two year process, and we are thankful that we were able to [...]

Adopted Business for the Missional Teen Class

| July 14, 2011

The teens are learning about missional theology for the Wednesday Night class for the summer.  But part of this class is practicing what we learned.  We have learned about being missional, incarnational, and tabernacle.  All of these words mean to some level “to create a presence.”  This is what the teens were trying to accomplish [...]

Leadership Survey Results and Reflection

| July 13, 2011

After receiving a large portion of surveys from the congregation, I have put the results together.  This was a helpful and interesting process for me, and highly beneficial.  Some of the results were close to one another; in those cases, I took the character trait that seemed the strongest from maybe missing out on the [...]

Review of “Finally Comes the Poet”

| July 12, 2011

Wow, this book was deep.  If you are exploring a post liberal perspective on preaching, this is an excellent text to read.  The text was given as speeches during a lectureship some years ago, and are relevant and needed for today’s pulpit.  The book is really hard to summarizes because there is really so much that [...]

Educated Out of the Bible

| July 11, 2011

This is not one of those posts about how higher education is making the church liberal or something.  It is not about people going to school and leaving the doctrine of the church, but it is about the real temptation of allowing school to replace the word of God in practicing ministry.  In school, you [...]

Leadership Survey

| July 7, 2011

In line with the book I just read, I am putting some of it into practice.  Here is the survey I did for the congregation to help me lead better.  It would be good for preachers to use this to understand their talents better.  Sometimes surveys are not good because people just really take the time to [...]

Review of “Why We are Bad at Picking Good Leaders”

| July 7, 2011

I have read a lot of books about leadership over the years.  Often the books repeat themselves, and are not overly helpful.  Sometimes the books are just some motivational stuff, but misses the truth in leadership.  This book is one of the best in the field.  It is written for a business culture, which sometimes [...]