Musings on Spiritual Matters

by Matthew Morine

False Pressures in a Preacher

| August 29, 2012

There is pressure being a preacher.  All ministers know this.  The pressure is typically not from performance reviews.  There is are no numbers to make.  Most churches are not hard driving places.  Mostly, all ministers know that looking after the basics will allow them to remain in a work for years.  But even though the [...]

Review of “Building a Discipling Culture”

| August 28, 2012

This was an excellent book.  It is a highly systematic approach in creating disciples.  It is a one stop process.  There are highly helpful processes to train people to become disciples.  Unfortunately, in some areas of the churches of Christ, the idea of discipling is negative.  This is because of the boston movement or the [...]

The Archaeological Significance of Samaria on the New Testament Text

| August 22, 2012

Reading through the New Testament brings one to the terms of Samariaand the Samaritans.  These terms are quickly defined as a place and a people.  But a closer study of these terms will provide a better understanding of the Biblical text.  Understanding the culture and structures ofSamariahelps one discover a deeper perspective on Jesus’ interactions [...]

Missional Leading and Direct Communication from the Spirit

| August 21, 2012

One of the major concepts of missional theology is following the leading of God into the missional field.  In the book of Acts, there are examples of Paul being directly led by the Spirit into Macedonia.  This was through a dream.  Throughout the book of Acts, there are examples of the Holy Spirit leading the [...]

Review of “The Seed Principle”

| August 20, 2012

Aubrey Johnson is a great author, but more importantly, he is a great man.  Recently, he was in town to conduct a deacon seminar for the Tri-Lakes and Castle Rock churches of Christ.  My wife and I had the honor of hosting him and his lovely wife in our home.  This was a treat because [...]

Review of “View From the Summit”

| August 15, 2012

I was given a beautiful first edition book which is signed by the author.  The book was so nice that there was no way I could read it.  So I downloaded the text for the Kindle and read it on a screen.  It was worthwhile.  This is a book about the life of Ed Hillary.  He [...]

The Great Missional Weekend

| August 14, 2012

Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends ever.  It was also one of the best too.  There were countless people involved in making this weekend special.  The time was truly a vertical slice within the church.  Young and old participated together in evangelism, fellowship, and service. The weekend was kicked off with a Friday [...]

Older Preachers and the Restoration Plea

| August 7, 2012

It seems that if I listen to older preachers, there is still a strong restoration plea in their hearts.  You hear it still talked about.  But my younger preacher friends, it seems that there is not as much of a focus on this old plea.  This is sad, the plea of giving up denominationalism and [...]

Review of “Roof of the Rockies”

| August 6, 2012

This book is not a national bestseller.  It is not a flowing narrative.  But the book is excellent for those who love the mountains of Colorado.  The book details the first accents of all the major peaks in the State.  It is about many early pioneers of climbing.  The book is broken up into various sections [...]

Vision, Unrefined, is Division

| August 2, 2012

About three years ago, I embarked on a missional project for a dissertation.  Years before, I read numerous works on missional theology, and missional transformation, and wanting to do something that was “cutting edge” I started a project to bring missional transformation in the local church.  Like most young ministers, I was mostly opportunistic about the results.  But we are wrapping up [...]